Dr Heping Shen

Dr. Heping Shen is a senior research fellow working in the Research School of Engineering at the Australian National University. She completed her PhD at Tsinghua University in Materials Science and Engineering in 2014. In 2012, she was a visiting Scholar in Weizmann Institute of Science. Her work on solar fuel was selected as one of the top 10 innovations by the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF) hosted by the government of Japan in 2020. She was shortlisted in the “2021 L'Oréal-UNESCO Australia & New Zealand for Women in Science Fellowship”.

Her research interests lie in the solar cell, solar fuel and energy storage. At the ANU, she is co-leading a team focusing on Si/perovskite tandem solar cell research, involving 4 other postdoc researchers, 1 PhD and 1 Master students. 

She has been awarded a total grant funding of >AUD15M. She collaborates extensively with industry and universities in Australia and overseas.

Research Grant Funding in recent 5 years

2020:  Lead chief investigator, “Monolithic Si/perovskite tandem solar cell: advanced designs towards high-efficiency at low-cost.” ARENA, AUD: 1.13 million (co-lead with Kylie Catchpole)

2021: Chief investigator, “UHV Kelvin Probe with Ambient-Pressure Photoemission Spectroscopy”, ACAP, AUD: 423k

2020: Chief investigator, “Development of all thin-film PERovskite on CIS TANDem photovoltaics”, European Commission, Euro: ~5.0 million

2019: Chief investigator, “In situ fabrication of polymer/perovskite composite materials by photopolymerisation”, Global Research Partnership Scheme, AUD: 40k

2019: Lead chief investigator, “Development of upscaling technology for monolithic Si/perovskite tandem photovoltaics”, ACAP collaboration grant, AUD: 60k

2018: Lead chief investigator, “Develop low-temperature (LT) processed selective contact materials for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells (PSC) and perovskite tandem devices”, AUD: 24k

2017: Lead chief investigator, “Multiscale in modelling and validation for solar photovoltaics”, ANU-COST Actions European Travel Grant Scheme, AUD: 6.96k

Student Supervision


- Mr. Li-Chun Chang (PhD) – Development of high-efficiency and stable monolithic Si/perovskite tandem solar cell - Primary Supervisor

- Mr. Yihui Hou (master) – Low-cost contact for Si/perovskite tandem solar cells - Primary Supervisor


- Mr. Tuan Tran (master) - Primary Supervisor

- Ms. Astha Sharma (PhD) – Associate Supervisor

-Ms. Naeimeh Mozaffari (PhD) – Associate Supervisor


I am continuously seeking for talented and highly motivated graduate students to join my team. Interested candidates with the background of science/engineering backgrounds (Chemistry Physics, Material, or related disciplines) should contact me via email (heping.shen@anu.edu.au) including a 2-page resume (pdf) and a short description (< 300 words) of research they would be interested in undertaking.



ENGN4524/ENGN6524: Photovoltaic Technologies  (contributor)

High efficiency, reliable Si/perovskite tandem solar cells

Low-cost solar hydrogen technology

Low-cost solar storage technology

Dr. Shen has published 80 peer-reviewed journal publications (>3800 citations as of 11th/January/2022). Many of these are published in high impact factor (20+) journals (including Science, Nature, Science AdvanceEnergy Environment ScienceAdvanced Energy Materials).


Selected publications in recent five years:

  1. Heping Shen, Stefan Omelchenko, Daniel Jacobs, Sisir Yalamanchili, Yimao Wan, Di Yan, Pheng Phang, Yiliang Wu, Yanting Yin, Christian Samundsett, Jun Peng, Nandi Wu, Thomas P White, Gunther G Andersson, Nathan Lewis, Kylie Catchpole, “In Situ Recombination Junction Between p-Si and TiO2 Enables High-efficiency Monolithic Perovskite/Si Tandem Cells”, Science Advances 2018;4: eaau9711.
  2. Heping Shen, Daniel Walter, Yiliang Wu, Kean Fong, Daniel Jacobs, The Duong, Jun Peng, Klaus Weber, Thomas White, Kylie Catchpole, “Monolithic Perovskite/Si Tandem Solar Cells: Pathways to Over 30% Efficiency”, Advanced Energy Materials 2019, 1902840.
  3. Heping Shen, The Duong, Yiliang Wu, Jun Peng, Daniel Jacobs, Klaus Weber, Tom White, Kylie Catchpole, “Mechanically-stacked Perovskite/CIGS Tandem Solar Cells with Efficiency of 23.9% and Reduced Oxygen Sensitivity”, Energy & Environmental Science 2018, 11, 394. 
  4. Siva Karuturi*, Heping Shen*, Astha Sharma, Fiona J Beck, Purushothaman Varadhan, The Duong, Parvathala Narangari, Doudou Zhang, Yimao Wan, Jr‐Hau He, Hark Hoe Tan, Chennupati Jagadish, Kylie Catchpole, Over 17% Efficiency Stand‐Alone Solar Water Splitting Enabled by Perovskite‐Silicon Tandem Absorbers, Advanced Energy Materials 2020, 7, 2000772. (co-first author, co-corresponding author)
  5. Heping Shen, Daniel A Jacobs, Yiliang Wu, The Duong, Jun Peng, Xiaoming Wen, Xiao Fu, Siva Karuturi, Thomas White, Klaus Weber, Kylie Catchpole, “Inverted Hysteresis in CH3NH3PbI3 Solar Cells: Role of Stoichiometry and Band Alignment”, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2017, 8, 2672-2680.
  6. Heping Shen, Yiliang Wu, Jun Peng, The Duong, Xiao Fu, Thomas P White, Klaus Weber, Kylie R Catchpole “Improved Reproducibility for Perovskite Solar Cells with 1 cm2 Active Area by a Modified Two-step Process”, ACS Applied Materials &Interfaces 2017, 9, 5974–5981.
  7. Jun Peng, Daniel Walter, Yuhao Ren, Mike Tebyetekerwa, Yiliang Wu, The Duong, Qiaoling Lin, Juntao Li, Teng Lu, Md Arafat Mahmud, Olivier Lee Cheong Lem, Shenyou Zhao, Wenzhu Liu, Yun Liu, Heping Shen, Li Li, Felipe Kremer, Hieu T Nguyen, Duk-Yong Choi, Klaus J Weber, Kylie R Catchpole, Thomas P White, Overcoming the voltage/fill-factor trade-off in polymer-passivated perovskite solar cells, Science, 2021, 6527, 390.
  8. T. Duong, Y.L. Wu, Heping Shen, J. Peng, X. Fu, D. Jacobs, W. Li, Y.B. Cheng, T.P. White, K.J. Weber, K.R. Catchpole, Rubidium Multi-cation Optimized-Bandgap Perovskite Enables Perovskite-silicon Tandem with over 26% Efficiency, Advanced Energy Materials 2017, 7, 1700228.
  9. Y.L. Wu, D. Yan, J. Peng, Y.M. Wan, P. Phang, Heping Shen, N.D. Wu, C. Barugkin, X. Fu, S. Surve, D. Walter, T.P. White, K.R. Catchpole, K.J. Weber, Monolithic Perovskite/silicon-homojunction Tandem Solar cell with over 22% efficiency, Energy & Environmental Science 2017, 10, 2472—2479.


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