Associate Professor Alexey Glushenkov

Alexey M. Glushenkov is an Associate Professor in the Research School of Chemistry and a Research Lead in Battery Materials in ANU Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, a joint initiative with the School of Engineering.

Associate Professor Glushenkov received his Master of Physics degree from Novosibirsk State University in Russia in 2003 and his PhD degree (physics, electronic materials engineering) from the Australian National University in 2009. He had research appointments at Boreskov Institute of Catalysis (Russia), Australian National University, Deakin University, Melbourne Centre of Nanofabrication, the University of Melbourne (all - Australia) as well as Drexel University (the US).  Associate Professor Glushenkov’s research interests are centred on electrochemical energy storage in metal-ion batteries, electrochemical supercapacitors and hybrid metal-ion capacitors as well as materials that enable these energy storage cells. Previously, he was a winner of 2014 Vice-chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence at Deakin University (early career researcher) and was a 2017 Emerging Investigator of Journal of Materials Chemistry A.

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Prospective PhD students who are willing to undertake a degree in the materials chemistry discipline are welcome to contact me


Selected Publications 

1. A.M. Glushenkov, A.V. Ellis, Cell configurations and electrode materials for nonaqueous sodium-ion capacitors: the current state of the field, Advanced Sustainable Systems 2, 2018, 1800006.

2. I. Sultana, M.M. Rahman, Y. Chen, A.M. Glushenkov, Potassium-ion battery anode materials operating through the alloying-dealloying reaction mechanism, Advanced Functional Materials 28, 2018, 1703857.

3. I. Sultana, M.M. Rahman, T. Ramireddy, Y. Chen, A.M. Glushenkov, High capacity potassium-ion battery anodes based on black phosphorus, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5, 2017, 23506.

4. V. Lakshmi, Y. Chen, A.A. Mikhaylov, A.G. Medvedev, I. Sultana, M.M. Rahman, O. Lev, P.V. Prikhodchenko, A.M. Glushenkov, Nanocrystalline SnS2 coated onto reduced graphene oxide: demonstrating the feasibility of a non-graphitic anode with sulfide chemistry for potassium-ion batteries, Chemical Communications 53, 2017, 8272.

5. T. Ramireddy, N. Sharma, T. Xing, Y. Chen, J. Leforestier, A.M. Glushenkov, Size and composition effects in Sb-carbon nanocomposites for sodium-ion batteries, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8, 2016, 30152.

6. A. Byeon, A.M. Glushenkov, B. Anasori, P. Urbankowski, J. Li, B.W. Byles, B. Blake, K.L. van Aken, S. Kota, E. Pomerantseva, J.W. Lee, Y. Chen, Y. Gogotsi, Lithium-ion capacitors with 2D Nb2CTx (MXene) - carbon nanotube electrodes, Journal of Power Sources 326, 2016, 686.

7. T. Ramireddy, T. Xing, M.M. Rahman, Y. Chen, Q. Dutercq, D. Gunzelmann, A.M. Glushenkov, Phosphorus-cabon nanocomposite anodes for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3, 2015, 5572.

8. O. Kartachova, Y. Chen, R. Jones, Y. Chen, H. Zhang, A.M. Glushenkov, Evolution of the electrochemical capacitance of transition metal oxynitrides with time: the effect of ageing and passivation, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2, 2014, 12940.

9. O. Kartachova, A.M. Glushenkov, Y. Chen, H. Zhang, X.J. Dai, Y. Chen, Electrochemical capacitance of mesoporous tungsten oxyntride in aqueous electrolytes, Journal of Power Sources 220, 2012, 298.

10. A.M. Glushenkov, D. Hulicova-Jurcakova, D. Llewellyn, G.Q. Lu, Y. Chen, Structure and capacitive properties of porous nanocrystalline VN prepared by temperature-programmed ammonia reduction of V2O5, Chemistry of Materials 22, 2010, 914.


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