Cross Institutional Study

Cross Institutional Study is where a student undertakes a course (or courses) at one institute (the host provider) while formally enrolled for an award at another institution as part of a program of that institution (the home provider) with an arrangement for recognition of study by both institutions.

Am I eligible to undertake Cross Institutional Study?

As a general rule, CECS is unlikely to approve cross-insituational study and academic credit for courses that are listed as "core/compulsory" requirements within your degree (with the exception being courses deemed equivalent in content offered by the Australian Group of Eight Univiersites).

CECS students may only be given approval to undertake cross-institutional studies where they meet all of the following strict requirements:

1. Academic Requirements:

  • The applicant has not already been awarded external status for 50% or more of their current degree; and
  • has completed at least 48 units in their current degree (including Diploma students currently in their CECS Bachelor degree); and
  • has an academic standing of GOOD (i.e. not having a poor academic integrity record, not currently on Probation or Show Cause and has a minimum ANU GPA of 5.0/7.0).

2. Eligible Circumstances:

  • An applicant may receive course credit for a successfully completed external course under the following circumstances (in conjunction with the other listed requirements):
  • The applicant submits an application for course credit (including all required supporting documentation) to CECS Student Services within six months of successful completion of the external course.
  • ANU did not offer/make available a similar course for students to complete remotely.
  • The content and learning outcomes of the external course does not overlap with any course that the applicant has previously completed.
  • The applicant demonstrates how/why this course is highly relevant to their area of interest and/or professional aspirations.
  • The student is not concurrently enrolled in a full time study load at ANU during the period the external course is undertaken; and
  • The applicant is only seeking credit for a discipline or university elective*; and
  • The applicant is not seeking credit for more than 12 units of study towards their CECS degree.

*Course credit for core/compulsory courses may be considered if the above criteria are met and the required core/compulsory course, or an approved substitution is not offered at ANU.

3. Eligible Institutions:
The institution where the course is completed:

4. Eligible Courses:
Applications will need to demonstrate and provide evidence of the following in order to be

  • the course is offered at an eligible institution (as defined above); and
  • the course is taught, assessed and documented entirely in English; and
  • the dates for the nominated course does not conflict or overlap with the student’s full time enrolment at ANU; and
  • the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) of the course is recognised as equivalent to 6 units of ANU course credit in the ANU Global Program system; or
  • courses delivered in-person have approximately 130 learning hours, including at least 50 contact hours for every 6 units of ANU course credit sought; and
  • if seeking credit for specified discipline electives, the course must have a significant summative assessment as part of the course assessment scheme.

How do I apply for Cross Institutional Study in CECS?

If you are hoping to receive academic credit for a course completed cross-institutionally, you must apply to undertake cross institutional study by emailing your completed application to CECS Student Services with the following email title as "Cross Institutional Study- NAME ANUID", BEFORE enrolling in a course outside of ANU. The following documentation is required as part of your application:

  1. Application for Cross Institutional Study
  1. A written statement addressing all of the above criteria, clearly articulating:
    - why the external course needs to be completed;
    - how you propose to count this course within your ANU program (e.g. as a University/ Discipline elective); and
    - detailing information about the content, learning outcomes, and hours of direct and self-study involved with the external course (i.e. by providing links to course documentation on the external institution’s website and/or published soft copy course documentation)
  2. A copy of official course outline written in English for the proposed external courses.

Once your application has been assessed, you will receive an outcome via your ANU email account. 

**Important Note: Is it very unlikely that compulsory core, Major/Minor/Specilaisation courses will be approved to be completed cross-institutionally. Students seeking approval to complete these types of courses cross-institutionally will need to provide a very strong and compelling rationale for this, supported by documentation (e.g. medical certificates). 

Please note that the approval process can take up to 3 weeks, as your Program Convenor may need to be consulted before your request is escalated to the Associate Director for final approval. You will need to factor this into your planning to complete an external course, as late applications are not able to be prioritised or expedited. Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected. 

The decision by the Associate Director is final; there is no appeal process.

Updated:  10 August 2021/Responsible Officer:  Dean, CECS/Page Contact:  CECS Marketing